Monday, May 28, 2012


Every spring our church organizes a Father and Son campout.  This weekend my boys went off into the woods together to follow this tradition for the very first time.  It was much anticipated by our little man (and the big man as well…though his anticipation was accompanied with a bit less chatter…!)  I  love  this tradition.  Maybe it’s because I grew up with my brothers and Dad going off each spring for a woodsy adventure of their very own.  Each year they would look forward to this tradition with joy, just as my husband looked forward to it with his own father and brothers.  I love watching my own men continuing this yearly pilgrimage to the woods.  Though it’s certainly not the only time our family will campout this season, or possibly even the only time just the boys will head out to the woods, and most definitely not the only special time the boys will have on their own….but this was the  “Father and Son campout”, bringing with it generations of memories and traditions.  It was a fantastic weekend indeed. 

 Spencer all ready to go!  We met Matt at work in Boston and they continued on to New Hampshire from there.  Spencer is in the middle of throwing his arms up in an excited cheer in this shot, so they’re a bit blurry…but I LOVE this picture because it shows his beautiful smile that we so rarely see in pictures. (remember this !)DSC_0114

Falling asleep eating a s’more!

 DSC_0122 DSC_0123

Spencer was given a glow stick by another family that became his most favorite thing in the world for the evening! 

DSC_0125Running around in the woods with his friend Garrett who was also there with hid Dad.DSC_0130

Oh the joy of a “Father and Son”!!!  DSC_0140  DSC_0147  DSC_0152An attempt to document that they were both in fact there…!    DSC_0154