Saturday, September 8, 2012


 We’re alive and well!  Thanks so many of you for asking!!!  DSC_0785

Life is simply a series of phases.  Some long, others short, some blissful and others, well…less than blissful.  “It’s just a phase” my mother would say.

A few months ago (yikes!!!) I stepped away from blogging for what I thought would be a moment, and here we are, months later without a trace.  For a while I thought that perhaps blogging had become a phase in my life.  A phase that had taken a backseat to life.  That perhaps living my life took so much that there wasn’t quite enough boost left to write about my life.  While things sifted down into an order that brought peace (and sanity!!) back to my soul I began to see that more had changed than just the number of littles I could call my own.   In terms of natural living, homeschooling, etc, we’ve changed a bit.  At first, as I witnessed the change I felt a bit of guilt, that my blog had lost some of it’s integrity, that maybe my blogging days really were over if the life I blogged about had changed.  Perhaps it was all just a phase. 

Lately though, I have been drawn back to this space.  But I come honestly.  With  a few confessions.  With a few changes. 

Let’s get the confessions out of the way. 

We don’t do cloth diapers anymore.

My garden is more weeds than plants (and that’s a huge understatement) after going away for all of July.

I don’t sew my kids clothes.  Aside from the occasional accessory, dress or skirt.  It’s definitely cheaper to buy them, and I just can’t find the time and energy.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve picked up a pair of knitting needles.

My daughter left homeschool for a Catholic School (every catholic school needs a little Mormon girl right!?!). 

While all these changes settled into our lives and this new phase of our life began I admit I felt twinges of guilt.  That I wasn’t being honest with my blog.  That the person presented in the past few years of post was no longer who I am…at least for the time being.  That these changes that fit us so well right now were somehow letting others down.

Then I got over it! 

After all, this space is still, at the heart, what it has always been.  A place to share the joy of childhood, the adventures of motherhood, and the beauty of all things created and nurtured by a loving hand. 

So…we’re back in business!  I can’t promise a post everyday, I can’t even promise a post every other day…!  But as often as I can I’ll be here sharing our adventures (and satisfying our children’s Nana and Grandma’s need for a more consistent glimpse into their lives…got to please our most loyal readers!!!)!

Stop by any chance you can get, I can’t wait to share this space with you once more! 


 Our little Emma…perhaps the biggest factor in my absence is oh-so-easy to forgive is she not!!!