Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Season of Mud is Upon Us…!!!

There is something glorious about March.  The hope of spring becomes tangible in the air and part of me that has been hibernating all winter comes alive again.  I do love March.  With the coming of March I can finally allow myself to think forward to the coming season.  While much of that thinking is really dreaming and scheming, a good chunk is logistical…!  Garden plans, yard work, house cleaning and sprucing up, wardrobes, etc.  It’s all making it out of the corners of my brain and onto lists.  Gardening books and Mother Earth News editions fill my kitchen to be read in bits here and there throughout the day. 


Some of my spring planning and preparation has brought me into the sewing room (love!…more on this to come).  As we were working at the table I looked up through the window and saw the sun shining thorough. Now this window has been completely blocked by feet of snow for months.  Heavy rain washed a lot of the snow away but gray dreary skies were still left.  That sun shining through called to us and down went the projects and out came the rain boots.  (I have got to get a pair…soon!)  What more is there to a pure and happy childhood than mud, boots, puddles, sticks, and the good fresh air.  Oh the simple joys.  And can I just say…there is not much that fills my heart with spring than opening up the windows to give the house a good air out, and turning over a bit of soil…oh it smelled sooo good!