Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Plan

So, with the dozens of plans that have been circulating through my head at an alarming rate since the first bit of grass came into view, it’s no surprise some of them involved the sewing room…in a big way.  The storage bins that store the kids outgrown and off-season clothes hold shockingly little in the spring and summer category for little a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old man cub.  Not a huge deal…nothing a few shopping trips couldn’t fix.  The thing is…right around the corner from the clothing storage is another sort of storage…of the fabric sort.  There is nothing lacking in this storage. Well, that’s the reality of it, but I just can’t seem to stop acquiring it.  Beautiful fabric just calls my name and I just have to bring it home…and well, it sort of adds up! 

So here’s the plan.  Just as a fun sort of challenge for myself I’m going to see just how much of the kiddlings spring and summer clothes I can make with the fabric I already have on hand.  This is going to be great for a couple of reasons; first, the clothing will be free since the cost of the fabric on the shelves has already been absorbed, which will free up space in the budget. And second, freeing up space on the fabric shelves means more room for new fabric, which could be paid for by all that freed up budget!  Oh, it’s going to be great. 

We’ll be making elastic waist shorts, sailor shorts, and explorer vest for the little man, and skirts, dresses, and tunics for the little miss.  I say “we”, because these two little ones of mine have quite particular tastes and love the art of fabric selection.  Spencer has chosen some perfect plaids for several pairs of shorts and spring pants, and Rebecca is having a fantastic time choosing different elements from our favorite skirt pattern’s variations to create her very own creations.  And can she own it or what!  Here is one of the first three skirts to make it up out of the sewing room. 


Anyone want to join me in this adventure?