Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cookie Tray Play


With all the very busy things that little hands are engaged in all day long here sometimes we all need some quiet, calm, tiny things to be engrossed in.  Gross motor skills are constantly in motion adventuring, playing, and helping with the home.  One of our (many) favorite ways to bring out the fine motor skills of little hands is to bring out “the little things”.  The miniature village brought back from Germany last summer by their grandparents, and a zoo set that spent many hours in the tiny fingers of my own hands and those of my siblings.  (I looked and looked for a source for those of you who might want to have your own zoo set and this is the best I could find.  Maybe if you searched without an almost 2 year old on your lap….!)105_7172

We call our play with these miniature sets “cookie tray play”.  They happily choose their cookie tray and set up their play within its walls.  And for mama the fear of losing such precious (and oh so little) pieces is alleviated…a little!  They have been drawn to this play each day for the past few (very hot) days which has been wonderful for all the kitchen work that summer harvests bring.  (See the giant pressure canner in the background!  We have become great friends the past few days.)  105_7173105_7171

Here’s to the tiny play of tiny hands.  So dear, so precious, so valuable!! 

Happy summer days my friends.