Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We had three very varying experiences at a refreshing splash park recently.  We all left exhausted…some happily…some grumpily…and some just plain exhausted!!!  The extreme heat was relieved completely for a little pink girly who flitted here and there for hours.  The same heat simply melted a little boy who found the water too cold and unpredictable and the playground way too hot.  Check out the shot of him explaining that he would not go down the slide because it was too hot!…and in his defense it really was and only wet children were braving the playground!  In the end it was me who was just plain hot and tired by the end!  But when one person has a glorious time it is enough to save the day for the two who were physically connected in 100 degree weather for hours.  It is oh so hard to be all in sync sometimes! 

Ah…sweet summertime! 

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I remember the summer my little girl decided that water in a splash park was about as much fun as the ocean and pool.  I think this is the summer for my little guy.  Guess we’ll have to make our visits regular to break him in!  I think we can handle that! 

Now…to get the relish canned so we can splash guilt free!