Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Straight From Her Mouth:

(The following delightful little bit is written just as it was said!!! She is quite pleased to have written a post.)

I would like you to write



Today I went to the library.  And today I went to the bank.  Today I  went to the post office… hmmmm…no.  Today I went to ttthhhhhheeeee…………..and tomorrow I’m going to go to Auntie Robins house.  She lives in the big New York City.  We will go to a museum.  We’re going to see dinosaurs…. lots of dinosaurs …and that’s all. 

(this is her typing a word of choice on her own)



This picture reminds me of this favorite children’s book.  Silly silly!

*We will be having adventures of the most wonderful kind in NYC with cousins for the next little while.  We’ll send postcards!