Thursday, January 21, 2010

Postcards :: No.1

I took a photo to share with you today as we crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge on our way to the Bronx. Crossing that bridge marks a huge change for us. It means we’re finally just about there. It means a sudden and significant change in traffic flow!! It means the real driving is just beginning!!! (By the way…I did not make a single wrong turn!)

The (much) anticipated bridge was stunning today. It begged to be recorded. Unfortunately I was on my own driving with my littles with no one to hold the wheel for even a second for me to snatch a shot. Not that the traffic suggested that that would be in the least bit wise. But it truly was a stunning view…! Can you see that late afternoon light that glows warm and yellow and shines down in truly luscious rays making everything it lands on magnificent to behold? Can you see those winter clouds that fill the sky with a purple light? Can you see the brilliance of architecture spread across the expanse of a huge river…lines criss-crossing over head in hard steel? Can you see the shadows and breaks of light all around you weaving in and out in rhythm as you drive through the bridge? I hope you can! It truly is beautiful.

Besides the splendor of the bridge we also saw a gas station attendant in one of these face masks:

large image no1

And I heard in hushed tones…

“Mom…look, a superhero!”

Yes…I told the man…I think we made his day! Superheros belong in NYC afterall!