Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alphabet Colors

Do you remember the Montessori Color Spools adventure and my love affair with paint chips?  Well making those Spools sparked several paint chip project ideas.  They are simply delightful bits of color to work with!  Go collect a bunch from the hardware store and let yourself be inspired!!

We used bright collection of squarish chips and made a cheery bit of alphabet color to hang in our school room.

January 016

The paint chips are glued onto poster board and then stitched on.  Sewing machines actually handle paper quite well. I just lengthen the stitch width a bit and throw away the needle when I’m done.  The original idea was to stitch the vertical lines as well, but I was seriously out voted by the little artist!  We are quite pleased. 

105_4642105_4643January 019