Monday, August 8, 2011


Our venture to fill our summer with activities of all sorts brought us to the bowling lanes recently.  One of my absolute favorite things about bowling with little ones is their perception of success.  With gutter bumpers, and sometimes even the ramp to launch their ball they were sure to knock down something and that is really all they need!  Anything knocked over at all received grand cheers and excitement.  It was wonderful. 

These past few months have been filled with icky sicky days for me, and paired with exhaustion and a sudden lack of ambition of any kind, I have felt defeated and pathetic more often than not.  I’m assuming it will change one of these days….(this has lasted way way way longer than either of my previous pregnancies), but in the meantime I think I need to change my perspective.  Give myself a few gutter bumpers, a little ramp to get  myself going….and by all means cheer and get excited if anything at all gets knocked down!!  It’s all about perception.