Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adventuring at Plimoth Plantation

We took advantage of Boston’s “Free Fun Friday’s” program and spent a (wet) great day at Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower. Always great to adventure in a different time period with those you love most!!!  It was a full day…,  lost our boy for few seconds and will forever hold his terrified expression in my soul, picked up that same boy from face down on a muddy path much to the eternal dismay of his sister who doesn’t like unplanned wet and mud on herself or anyone else, watched the rapid destruction of two umbrellas when handed over to the guardianship of the littles (the above fall, and one unplanned encounter with a fence post is all it took!!), learned what it must of felt like to the pilgrims to be in the fort with a hundred people while everyone tried to escape a sudden deluge of rain, saw processes, foods, skills, living conditions, and experiences that filled us with gratitude, reverence, and amazement at those courageous early settlers. Always, always, good to take a step back in time, no matter how muddy and harried the steps my be at times.  (And that was just with two little Robinsons…what crazy adventures will my future hold?!?!?!)116_7986116_7989116_7993116_7994116_7997116_7999116_8001116_8002116_8004116_8005116_8008116_8015116_8017116_8018116_8023116_8019116_8024116_8025116_8030