Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plexi-Glass Map Board

We have a thing for maps and directions and geography going on around here big time.  There’s a feature in our van that indicates what direction I am heading at all times.  Lately the feature has had an added audio feature, sometimes even with an echo that lets me know with every turn what direction I’m heading.  The only time those sweet voices calling out directions makes me crazy is when we’re driving around a parking lot looking for a spot….!  Apparently that’s my breaking point!  Deep breaths…deep breaths…! We have been thoroughly enjoying this interest in our world that has consumed both of them lately.  We took down the Spot Cat poster, which had been where the Beaver Lodge was, and replaced it with a World Map.  Not the best one I’ve ever seen for young children to use, but it was on hand…!  Over the map I hung a sheet of plexi-glass that I picked up at our big box home store (Home Depot).   Because we’re renting I hung it up in a temporary fashion by simply drilling a hole in each corner about 1 1/2” inches from the edges and hanging it by a nail.  I have big plans for a more permanent solution involving a framed border and hinges…someday!

The Plexi-Glass hangs directly over the frame and is completely clear, with the properties of a dry erase board.  With a few markers we have been having a blast exploring our map in a new way.  We trace continents, answer trivia questions, label, draw the animals found in different countries, and we’re just beginning.  It’s a ton of fun, and we really need to get more markers because it is not my turn nearly enough!!!



And this little guy…well don’t let his cheeky grin fool you, he can tell you a lot more about the that map than you’d expect…!