Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patriots Day…again!

(Warning: This post is overloaded with pictures…and will most likely be best enjoyed by my mother…who never seems to tire of pictures of my little ones.  For the rest of you…I’ll be back soon with come crafty goodness for you if you’re perhaps getting a bit tired of all the kidling love!)

Patriots Day near Boston MA is a bit different than Patriots Day any other place that I’ve lived.  Yesterday we witnessed masses (truly incomprehensible numbers!) of humanity on an amazing journey by foot from our neck of the woods all the way to the inner circles of Boston.  The Boston Marathon is one exciting event let me tell you!  Although I was a bit nervous the huge crowds of runners were going to sweep up my children and carry them off down the road like a multi-colored, well-shod river, it was truly a blast to be so close to so-very-many determined and talented athletes.  The Boston Marathon is the oldest in the US and we have had a lot of fun learning little facts about the famous race that takes place so close to us.


After the marathon festivities we headed up the road a bit to another sort of festivity.  Concord and Lexington MA are a must see on Patriots Day weekend, so see them we did!  I must admit one of our favorite past times in Concord is “house shopping” we love to look at all the gorgeous historic homes and choose one for our own.  When Becca chose hers she declared “Yup, that’s the one for me, it’s right up my style.” 

We enjoyed the grounds around the North Bridge, and simply drank in the spring air and the history of it all.  Our favorite part perhaps was the way the period dressed reenactors seamlessly blended in with the rest of the crowd.  It was, very much, the blending of past and present in a beautiful way.  (Which of course I didn’t photograph…sorry!).  My children are quite enamored with footbridges anywhere we  might happen to cross them…so the Old North Bridge was a hit, ...whether for the historic reasons I like to think it was, or simply for the childhood joy of crossing over a big river of dark swiftly moving water by foot.  Either way, it made an impression!  But I have to admit, I think their absolute favorite part of the grounds was the abundance of magnificent trees.  And by magnificent I mean simply perfect for climbing or making fairy houses among the roots.  That is after all the standards by which all trees are judged by my little ones.  IMG_8921IMG_8927IMG_8930IMG_8931IMG_8922IMG_8932IMG_8937IMG_8918