Wednesday, April 27, 2011

About The Dress

Becca’s new dress for Easter was so fun to make…and that seems to have been carried with it, and it is now so fun to wear…and likewise to watch it be worn! I happened upon a couple yards of a see through flowery lace fabric while treasure hunting recently and new immediately that it would be her dress and what “look” it would have. I love love love it when fabric speaks to me. The bodice is two layers, the see-through flowery stuff and a plain pink, the satin sash is just a sash. She really doesn’t like bows or ties in the back as they are uncomfortable to sit against. Since this dress is for church, where she’s sitting quietly for quite a while we decided to make it easy and simply omit the bow. The skirt has several layers of toule gathered into it, and enclosed in the ballooned hem. Originally the toule was going to show…but while were were messing around with the hem length and trying to figure out how to trim it evenly we thought of the balloon hem! Yay! Problem solved! Since it was an after thought we did it the really easy way. I simply sewed a band of fabric to the bottom of the entire skirt. Gathered the seam, folded the band up underneath the skirt (enclosing all the toule…which I didn’t trim at all!) and hand stitched it to the top of the skirt. Supe poofy, super girly, super fun. And all based of a very “early-90’s” quite boring pattern! Take a leap, embellish and indulge your creativity! Happy sewing my friends.



By the way...his shirt being untucked next to this darling little dress is not an oversight or neglect. If you do get him to be still long enough to let you help with his dressing, and manage to get the shirt tucked in (Mr. Independent!) he'll promptly pull it right back out! It's cute either way...and leaving it out is simply easier for all of us right now. It's all about choosing battles, making peace, and letting go....!