Friday, March 25, 2011

Their moments…their words…!

{Enjoy a few moments and words from our two little ones.  They like to have a blog voice also!!  Happy weekending friends!}


This is me riding my bike.  I was riding my bike with one training wheel down in the parking lot that has no people working with it. 


I hung my skirt on a bush in the same place because it was too hard to ride on a bike with a skirt.  So I took it off.  Mom made it and it has a bow and a pocket on different sides.


I rode on my bike.  I got off my bike.  I have helmet on my head.  My eye boots on my feet.  It’s where we ride our bikes.    (*okay okay…so this is heavily translated….I can understand Spencer-language but I sure can’t type it!!!*)


I am swinging on the swing and Spencer is swinging on the horsey swing in our backyard.  The snow used to be too my waist and almost up to the top of the slide.  There was just a  little bit…and right now there is none.


I made a tiny little garden and the orange thing is my shovel.  I am making it right near our maple tree.  I’m wearing my sun hat and there was no snow I don’t think.  And I’m wearing my boots.

Thanks for reading our blog!

*This post was brought to you by our two favorite, and littlest, Robinsons!