Monday, March 28, 2011

Clock: Before and After

My little one is beginning to tell time in a serious way.  As this new phase emerged suddenly one morning, we realized that there isn’t a “normal” clock in our home…anywhere.  Digital clocks just weren’t going to cut it.  I picked up a simple clock while thrifting for basically nothing.  The only problem was that it was disgustingly mauve.  Ick.  Not a problem a little modpodge, fabric, and paint couldn’t fix though!


I took it apart and painted the face white.  I had planned to go over the numbers with a different color but ended up really liking it all white.  Because the numbers are raised they are still very easy to read…which after all is the whole point!!!  I “mod-podged” fabric around the edges, put it all back together, and viola…a non-mauve clock for a very mauve price!  What better way to start the week than a good before and after!  (An after lunch trip to the hardware store for supplies for another project is also a great thing to look forward to on a Monday…makes all the “weekend-recovery” cleaning worth it!!!)IMG_8635IMG_8638IMG_8637

Happy Monday friends.