Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick Fixes


We do a lot of art around here.  All sorts of projects, in all sorts of mediums are happening at all sorts of times, in all sorts of places.  We like it like that!  Crayons, markers, paints, chalks, and all sorts of creative goodies are available all the time.  And the paper…well there’s lots of it…and the drawer it’s in could use some serious organization.  I have big plans for that…but that’s another post another day.  Today I wanted to share with you our quick (I mean super quick!) fix for the massive amounts of wet art that is created and fills up every available counter and table space to dry.  It’s a problem…even if it’s a wonderful problem, it’s still a problem.  Yesterday as we were finishing up painting together I turned to begin dinner preparations only to see counters, stove, and table all covered with art work. Without my usually careful planning (read: agonizing over details), I grabbed a couple finishing nails that happened to be on the “take down to the workshop when you next go” shelf, along with a hammer and some string also on the shelf, and headed to the first place that came to mind.  A long narrow unfinished closet, that is so narrow in fact that it can’t accommodate a shelving unit, and holds our canning in boxes (which is problematic…but that’s another post too!) has exposed studs.  Exposed studs make things very simple.  In went the nails, up went the string, and with a dozen clothespins we were good to go hanging up the masterpieces, and freeing up the kitchen! (Which was the true masterpiece in my mind!!)  Now with the problem of what to do with the wet artwork taken care of it can be produced at an even greater rate.  And with all the snow we have coming in these parts I foresee a great deal of artwork being made!

Happy painting friends!!