Friday, August 27, 2010


Many around the blogging community take fridays to post a moment from their week, caught on a camera, that they want to savor and remember. It is a beautiful sentiment really. I have found that, for me, this practice has evolved over time to cause me to look back on my week of images, moments, and adventures. Where did we start, what did we pass through, what happened, what did we love, what did we create, what did we learn?

These images so very very clearly capture what so much of this week has been…and what faces us in the coming weeks as well!

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96 bottles made it through my hands and have been tucked away for winter. But that’s counting the little itty bitty jelly jars too…so don’t think I’m too crazy!

Peaches sliced and halfed canned in a very light syrup (20% sugar)

Tomato soup using this recipe.

Tomato juice.

Stewed tomaotes.

Peach jam using this same process and recipe…but with peaches!

Ground peaches frozen and ready to be made into jam when I am ready! There is, after all, only so much control that you can give a bushel (or four!) of peaches over your life!!!