Friday, December 3, 2010

These Moments

23 years ago I sat with my mother and on our red plaid couch with a giant stack of books, and my chubby, dimpley, and very busy little brother. We would read and read, until finally, finally he would drift off to sleep. (More often than not mom would drift off a few times too!) And for a few hours the house was just ours. Just mom and me (while the bigs were at school that is!). We played countless games of animal dominos...

...created all sorts of things, and enjoyed the peace that a napping two-year old brings to a home.

Not much has changed. Each afternoon we three little Robinsons find ourselves snuggled into the fleece sheets on my bed with a massive stack of books. Each afternoon it is a bit of a struggle to fight off the dozes myself, but when that little blonde head becomes heavy with sleep and his (all of a sudden huge) body slumps against me, my own home, 23 years late,r is filled with the restful peace that a read-to-sleep napping bundle brings. No, not much has changed.
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