Monday, November 29, 2010


Recently, while drinking in all the design genius on Bloesom Kids, I caught someone referring to the holidays as a time of caccooning for a family. It was literally just a few words, and I have no idea in the world who said them, but those few words have filled my mind this weekend. Their simple truth resonated in all we did. It truly was a caccoon of a weekend. Filled with gratitude, family, friends, all the good things of the earth, and the beginnings of a season of merry-making.

The simple warmth and glow of the season, the same warmth and coziness of a caccoon, was tangible this weekend as a tree made it's way into our living room, the christmas workshop officially opened for daytime hours, and the first smells, sounds, and busyness of the holidays began.

Slow down, breathe it in, and enjoy the cacoon that envelops your family this season. Oh it is a beautiful thing!
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