Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It’s HOT here.  Just the kind of hot hazy weather the end of summer brings.  Brain melting heat.  In fact it feels just like this image…


Over exposed, hazy, and oh so bright.  It is a wonderful last (perhaps!) hurrah to summer and has been met with much pool playing enthusiasm by little toes (and often big toes as well!) 

Although we have been maximizing our end of summer adventures these days I have to admit that the heat lowers my brain function just a tad.  I’m an uber multi-tasker most days.  But this heat…yikes.  With last minute homeschool plans to iron out and wrap my head around I find I have little usable brain power left to put together coherent posts for this space I love so much.  So my friends…it will be quiet here for a bit while I take a deep breath in before starting a new adventure.  I can’t wait to share this journey with you and will be back with tales of our days so very soon!