Thursday, June 3, 2010


It turns out that creating that little corner (which does not look like that anymore…yikes!) of my own in a little space all my own was a work of genius. Pure genius. I do so love to be genius. Well…at least I think I do…I’m sure I would…it does happen oh so rarely after all that I’m not too sure!!! At any rate little bits of creative magic have been leaving that corner at a surprisingly regular rate. It is wonderful. I am simply so much happier and at peace when I am creating on a regular…very regular…like most of everyday…basis! Though I do spend much of my days in the pursuit of creative endeavors with my littles (and find it magnificently fulfilling!) there is something special about the still, quiet, and uninterrupted moments of creating on my own that restores peace to my mind and beauty to my universe. June 006

In swapping out the warm, cozy clothes of winter for the cool, breezy clothes of summer I have noticed room for some creative need filling. Our little spot gets quite hot in the summer…quite hot and very humid. My children seem to quickly wilt in the oppressive heat so keeping cool is a necessity. The knits used in the majority of manufactured children's clothing…while fun and comfortable…and ready for adventures of all kinds…are not breathable in any way for our super hot days. That…paired with the current trend of always needing to be in a skirt or dress has led to some fun new cotton clothes for my little girl. (Yesterday’s dress was an addition to the light and breezy summer dresses drawer also…and there’s a few more I am so excited to share!)

June 009

I checked out this book from our library recently in search of great new ideas for the kids clothes. I was not disappointed! She has some fantastic designs and a great sense of what kids like to wear. This skirt suits my girl so perfectly it’s kind of crazy. Pink, purple, a bit of sparkle, lace, layers, and best of all…flounce!!!! It’s perfect for twirling, and a total breeze to put together…really the biggest problem I had was finding the balance between overkill and “just right” with embellishment and trim. The overskirt has elastic stitched to the underside to give it a lift that is just plain awesome! We already have fabric picked out for a second skirt of the same style! June 011

June 002June 015

The patterns in the book are drafted for sizes 2-preteen….and many of the styles can move easily through these ages. So excited about this one! It is everything a summer skirt should be! Though it is very likely you’ll be seeing it after the first snow over heavy tights and a cardigan!

Happy summer sewing friends!

June 014