Thursday, May 27, 2010


Recently I was standing at the sink washing up a few dishes…not so much in an effort to keep a good house or to be responsible, but more as an effort to control something. It had been one of those days. A day where children are unsettled and in conflict, when attempt after attempt to "rethread the machine" went awry, when fairies had become imps! It is hot and muggy and everyone is feeling sticky and icky and frustrated with each other. Because let’s face it…on days like this they are not enjoying their mama very much either! As I stood with my hands in the water and a little tugging at my leg, almost in tears, I had a sudden burst of inspiration. Take the megablocks outside into the shade with a blanket. They’ll love it. I needed some help, and I was grateful for it. It was pretty simple inspiration…as inspiration usually is…just enough of a change for all of us to save the day from total disaster. I’ll admit that what I was wishing for as I stood there at the sink was for the clock to strike 7:00…bedtime…so I could kiss them goodnight, see them sleeping so peacefully, pull myself together and do much better the next day. And in the end that’s sort of what I got…a fresh start…without the guilt of wishing for bedtime! May 257

May 259May 265May 267I do believe that inspiration is a mothers right. And it always comes. Whether in the form of a sudden idea, the kind words of another, a book, or even from children themselves…it comes! Embrace it…and by all means listen to it!!!

We had a marvelous time together on a huge fleece blanket in the shade with a pile of megablocks. They played so marvelously together that I even *gasp* got some work done on a block printing presentation I was preparing. It was so healthy for all of us. May 261After a while…with the boy going strong with the blocks my girl and I did a little reading activity together. It is super simple and she loves it. I simply wrote down a list of command words…she reads them (then he reads them)…then they follow the command. It is a great game and a favorite reading activity.

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