Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Friends!

Yesterday during our rambling errands adventure we passed two cyclists with bikes laden with packs.  Obviously on a great adventure!  We had quite a great time imagining where they might have come from…where they were going…and what kinds of things they had seen on their way.  Later that day on the very last errand of the day we saw them again.  This time in our own town, looking a bit water logged from the rain, and riding a bit slower than earlier that day.  We stopped and talked with them and they ended up coming home with us for the evening, a hot meal,  and a good nights sleep. 

Meet Karin and Fritz Witten.  A doctor and project manager from Germany taking a 7 month sabbatical to tour the USA on bikes.  We had a wonderful time visiting and learning about their story, and accounts of their adventures.  There maps of intended travel is amazing…from Detroit to NYC down to TN over to OK and up to Denver across to the west coast and down to San Diego…!  WOW!!!!

They arrived with semi assembled bicycles and a few bike packs…assembled everything right there in the airport and rode on out to experience the United States in a way that the majority of Americans haven’t!! 

It was a happy accident to meet with them at just the right moment and be able to meet such interesting new friends.  The kiddos had a wonderful time talking with them and looking at the atlas together.  It was a great opportunity to show our little ones kindness to strangers, spontaneous hospitality, and provide a bit of  a global perspective.  Bikes are ridden everyday in this home (hershis) , but now are shown an even greater interest and devotion as they “travel” to faraway lands and have breathtaking adventures as they make their way from living room to kitchen, through the hall, and back again! 

April 044

There are simply so many adventures to choose from on this beautiful earth.  I wonder where our family will find itself as it searches for adventure and beauty through the years.