Friday, April 9, 2010

Making Things

April 066Someone asked me yesterday the classic question…one that we’ve all heard countless times, “what do you do?”! Well…I know what I am…I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. But what do I do? I studied a certain thing (with many tangents I’ll admit) in school, I have particular work experiences, but what do I do? As I thought more about this today while I was outside with the kidlings it came to me…I make things. I create. All sorts of things! And I love it. I am a mother. I make things. I think I’m going to hope on TurboTax right now and change my occupation…no more Homemaker…enter Mother. Maker of Things! (I realize I just admitted that those taxes (which are done) aren’t actually filed yet…I make things…but I’m not perfect!)

I am an artist. You might think that that is a simpler reply that “maker of things”….but then some of the things I make are, well,…just things…but oh do they bring me joy!April 062

This thing has been my latest project and is part of the children’s garden that we have been creating this spring. It is a very special project for me and we are having so much fun working on it together and have such dreams for it! April 058 April 061

Perhaps you have made a tipi for your pole beans to grow on. This is essentially the same thing. We (my husband and big strong nephews were a huge part of that we) cut saplings and put them into the ground (8-10” down) and tied them together tightly at the top. I tied smaller branches around the structure to create “walls” before the beans are climbing up. The little gardeners are very happy with it.

Yes…I make things and find so much fulfillment in doing so.

What do you do?