Monday, February 15, 2010


I caught a glimpse of this fantastic tutorial a while back and just had to give it a go for my own little loves. They were a lot of fun to make. Very straight forward tutorial. (I’ll admit it requires exactness…but a bit of OCD sewing is good once in a while!!) I’ll also admit that I had my eye on one or two (okay…let’s face it they were all great prizes!) of the prizes! No such luck this time…but I think I have found a bit of a new love! Making these cards is a lot of fun! And the possibilities are literally endless!

Here are a few photos of the card I made for my little man!!

V Day Card 012V Day Card 017V Day Card 019 V Day Card 020

My daughter loves the softest of fabrics. (It really goes back to a truly beloved blanket (“soft-blanket”) that she received from an inspired aunt when she was born. It has been an essential sleeping companion and comforter since then, and has spurred a deep love of all things soft.) With this in mind I designed her valentine to suit. It is made of the softest fleeces and is…of course…heavily weighted in pinks and purples!

It truly is wonderful to know just what they will love!