Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A New Ride!

In the effort to live a financially pared back life, issues of practicality sometimes trump issues of aesthetics.  But not always.  In fact, I work very hard to mesh the two in all I do.  My recent successful merger of practicality and aesthetics: the “new” high back booster!  It was practical all right…but lacked pizzazz!  My girl needed a bit of pizzazz!  I think she got it!!!

February 003

I took apart the cover at the seams and used the pieces as a pattern and sewed the whole thing back together with the new fabric laying directly over the original pieces.  To ensure the safety and integrity of the seat you must keep all original padding and construction.

January 075 January 078(Warning!: Take pictures of the “before”, once those pieces are all taken apart it all of a sudden is quite a mystery of how they go back together…and I’ve put together quite a few things before.  I’ll admit a had (two!) sit-down-on-floor and ask “what-have-I-done” moments in the midst of this project!) 

February 002We are all very happy with the end result! 

 February 001