Monday, November 23, 2009

Loving to Work

Do you know the satisfaction and wonderful fatigue that follows a full days hard work?  I hope it is a familiar feeling to you also.  While a bit of calm relaxation and rest is wonderful and very needed at times…it is so good to work hard.  As children naturally want to be doing and helping with whatever is going on, teaching a child to work, and to love to work is just a matter of letting them do, letting them help, and showing them how much you love it!!! 

I had little helpers (I always have little helpers) as I gathered bits of nature for the wedding celebration.  We had such fun searching for beauty to create a lovely and inspiring event.  It is one of my truest joys to see my children learn to love to work and explore and discover true beauty outside.  I am filled to overflowing to see the healthy happy little souls the fresh air and good work creates.  

We are happily soaking it all in, and rejoicing in each bizarrely mild fall day before the cozy indoor days of winter begin…well at least I am rejoicing in the mild fall!

Fall 712

Yes, that is a sled.  It is used for any conceivable reason!  She is very excited for snow.Fall 715