Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Journey…and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Starting a blog was not easy for me.  It was new…it was a bit scary…it involved learning a few new things on the computer…and mostly it meant sharing myself, my creations, and the life of my family in a way anyone could see.  Vulnerable!!  That’s what I expected, weighed back and forth, and mulled over when I was making the decision to blog.  What I didn’t expect was the friends that I would make, the incredible community of mothers, crafters, and artists that I would discover and feel part of, and the clarity with which it would help me see my children and our lives together. 

You see I post about our joys, our creations, and our adventures.  I blog about reality…but the positives or our reality.  Photographing and blogging about those positives has helped me see them more clearly and more often.  Which is invaluable to the happiness, fulfillment, and mental sanity of this mother! 

I am nearing 100 posts.  Which seems huge to me…and seems to deserve celebration!   

So…there’s going to be a giveaway…a Matchy Matchy giveaway to be exact.  It will be a little bundle of a few vintage lovelies, and a handmade wooden Matching Game.


My 100th post will be Thanksgiving Day…which is wonderful, as I am very  thankful for this blog in so many ways.  So, in that spirit of thanksgiving…to enter the giveaway simply leave a comment on this post and tell me a simple joy in your life that you are thankful for.  It is the season of reflection and gratitude after all!  Comments will be closed Friday at 12am EST, I’ll let the kiddos choose a winner at random, (random is their style after all!!!) and I’ll announce the winner on Saturday! 

Thank you friends for making this blogging journey so joyful!!!

*I will mail the package out first thing so you can count on it by Christmas if you plan on giving the game as a Christmas gift!*