Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Blackberry Boy

There are wild blackberries growing in the backyard which we are thoroughly enjoying.  What’s not to enjoy…huge yummy berries that take no work besides picking!  Actually…we don’t enjoy the thorns…but the berries are worth it!  Our little man loves them.  He gets so excited if we even walk in the direction of the patch.  The other day he headed off there all on his own!  He walked all the way to the corner of the yard and almost went in to pick on his own…I think the thorns were the deterrent!  105_2103

The berry patch is just a bit past the far left corner of the picture!  Quite a walk for such a little man!


We picked and picked…


and ate and ate…


more berries than I thought a little belly could hold!!!


Oh how we enjoy earths bounty!!

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Anonymous said...

Does the little miss like the berries too?

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