Monday, September 14, 2009

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

Do you ever think about what the soundtrack for your life should be if it was a movie??  I feel like my life does already have a soundtrack!  It’s the constant chatter, jibberish, exclaimings, questions, fusses, singing, imaginings, stories, pitter-pattering, (and sometimes stomping), of two little kiddlings.  And through it all is the presence of countless storybooks read. 

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, by Jan Brett has been a recent love.  Jan Brett’s illustrations are fantastic.  I love her style…but I especially love how much is “going on” on each page.  So many things to talk about, look for, discuss, and wonder about!  Because books are not just read around here, they are completely digested…every single interesting bite. 

Well…this story makes me chuckle.  You see…this is my land: 

105_2146 …and this is my sister’s!!:

Robinson Photos Aug 9 279

Enter Town Mouse and Country Mouse!!!  Each land is so inspiring and invigorating in its own way…but though I love visiting and soaking it all in, I am always thrilled to return here…105_2144

and bask…but just for a minute…there’s projects waiting!!!