Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Incredible Edible Egg

I’ve never been an egg eater.  I’m not allergic…just never liked those wet squishy little things.  But we have been absolutely loving eggs around here lately.  Loving them more than any eggs have ever been loved I think!!

You see, Grandpa is always looking out for our little girl and often bringing home bits of wonder for her.  Recently he found a source for organic free range chicken eggs.  (He has just announced that he will be raising his own in the spring….he will definitely have a little helper!!)  Well when these chickens first started laying, the eggs were quite small and rather cute.  Just her size.  He brought them to show her and she fell in love.  She held them and sorted them.  Held them and cuddled them.  Held them and looked at them.  Held them….but never cracked them.  They eventually got used without her realizing and a new carton, of slightly bigger eggs was brought home.  This time she witnessed some of them be cracked for scrambled eggs….she was distraught.  Many of you know just how capable this girl is of being distraught…oh it was a sight indeed.  We had a long talk about eggs…!  A few days later when she had her eggs out to look at them again she said “some of these eggs will be used for Grandpa to make rotten eggs (scrambled?!), and some of them can be for yummy cookies…and I’m okay with that…!”  *Sigh*

organic free range eggs

Hannah 228 organic free range eggs  organic free range eggs  organic free range eggs

She now has her heart set on her own chick so she can see it grow up and lay its own eggs just for her!  Looks like we are in for a new adventure very soon!!!


Heather said...

We have been contemplating raising a few chicks so that the kiddos can continue to understand where there food comes from (and it would also be nice to have fresh eggs :))

We wish you well on your new adventure

perches said...

This was such a cute post! I followed your link from the Vintage Swap and am really enjoying looking through your blog. That cathedral windows crib bumper that you made is lovely, lovely, lovely, and I think I will copy your idea for making the Memory blocks :)

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