Thursday, September 24, 2009

Colors of the Past

Have you ever heard of a Vintage Swap?   Maybe it’s old  news to you and maybe you’ve participated before!  I never have.  I actually had never heard of one until I happened upon Heather’s a few weeks ago.  I am enormously excited about it!!!  I have met so many interesting and like-minded ladies already!  Wonderful!!  Basically (though I’ve never done it before)  I’ll be paired up with another vintage junkie and we’ll “swap” a few bits of vintage heaven!!!  Well….that calls for a bit of treasure hunting!!!  I plan on digging through my stash…but I’ve had to go on a few hunts…I’ve had to!!!  

You never know when you’ll find something amazing, so we stop in some of our favorite thrifting spots quite regularly, and try new ones too.  You just never know! My children are becoming quite good little thrifters.  In her words… “Ooooh  are we going in one of those stores that’s not like a store and has lots and lots and lots of interesting things?!?!” 

Last weekend we checked out a big Flea Market/Swap Meet at the 4-H fairgrounds.  It turned out to be mostly vintage cars, tools, and “garagey” things.  Not a linen or stitch of fabric anywhere.  I did pick up something fantastic for my brother for Christmas…and we found plenty of things to wonder at…ask questions about…and be inspired by…even if just by the colors.

Hannah 246Hannah 240 Hannah 243  Hannah 252

 Hannah 237 Hannah 244 Hannah 247 Hannah 248 Hannah 249

I didn’t find anything perfect for the swap…guess I’ll have to keep looking!!!!