Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life is a Circus

For the past couple of evenings it seems like my children’s sweet little selves have flown off and the circus has taken residence in their brains.  As a ring leader I found myself greatly lacking and poor Matt came home to a circus tent that was barely standing each evening. Today, finally, my children were back, in their whole sweet selves, and our home was as we love it.  They’re still children of course, but they were my children again! 

In honor of the circus that visited our home lately here’s a few pictures of a trip our family took to the circus earlier this summer.  It was met with mixed reviews.  I personally could barely handle the risk level of some of the stunts…motherhood will do that to you I guess!  The kids were in awe…Emma and Spencer’s faces say it all!!!  DSC_0419


Spencer was so so thrilled to see a zebra up close, and the kids ate up the antics and excitement of it all. 

We’ll take the circus in the tents…but never in our house again please!