Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Family of Books

We love books.  Love them.  I am sure that at some time a nook or kindle or something along those lines will enter our home…but right now we resist in the name of love.  Love for the way it feels to turn a page, to hold all those words in your hands, to stir all the feelings, emotions and adventure of the tale up inside of you with just the smell of the pages.  Oh it is good to hold a book! 

Our little Emma has developed a love for books and we are reveling in the charm and convenience of it.  When stuck in the car seat, or the bouncy seat for just a few minutes longer than she would like and starting to vocally show her frustration all one of her siblings needs to do is read her a book and she calms right down.  It is rather remarkable and totally adorable.  It doesn’t seem to be that she has a preference for a certain type of book in the variety…to be honest though, she does get a pretty heavy dose of Fancy Nancy and “truck” books!!  I’m not sure how long the magic of the books will last with her, but right now we’re loving it!    DSC_0093