Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All is Well

It turns out, as shown by a steady flow of inquiring emails, that dropping off the “blogging planet”  for several weeks without notice is taboo.  Well, it happened…and now we’re back…so let’s call it good and brush the whole thing under the rug, shall we!!!

Our days have been busy.  Very  busy.  Though I will say, with pleasure, that our most favorite bit of busy is working to urge a smile out of this little love.  Her smiles come more easily everyday and we all fall in love with her more each moment. DSC_0224

Just last night, as I was in the deep wallows of despair after an epic terror of a day child rearing, allowing showers of self-pity, doubt, and failure to reign supreme, this sweet darling of a girl sat in her Dad’s arms grinning and gurgling away at me.  There is no room in the universe for despair and anguish when a babe is smiling…and peace and joy filled me again looking into the blueberry eyes of this little one.  (Well…that and 10 double stuff oreos…let’s keep it real.  Sometimes you just need a heap of processed sugar!)