Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Crafting: The Train Table

Months and months ago I picked up a free train table top off craigslist.  I had dreams of creating a table for my little boy with it for a train set of his own.  With the harsh reality of space limitations we had to adjust our plans just a bit, and the train table became a train table top on casters allowing it to slide under the bed when not in use.  Perfect!!!  

After priming the surface I went to work painting a simple scene for building train worlds on.  Water, roads, trees…that’s about it!  I used a combination of acrylic craft paint, latex paint samples (which were practically being given away at our local home depot), and latex paint from my own stash.  After finishing I coated it with polyurethane to protect the surface against what I hope will be years and years of heavy use!  I have to say…it was a blast to paint.  I love the cheery bright colors and how it looks with the trains set up on it.  We had it set up with a portion of the new train set (the rest was wrapped) and set out on Christmas morning.  And that is where he could be found all day, and pretty much all the days after!    116_8527116_8561