Friday, December 9, 2011

Detours: Colt Park

There is a magical thing about New England…many in fact, but the one on my mind today is the way a short detour during errands can turn into a family afternoon at the coast. Recently, when we were all healthy and well we detoured and spent the afternoon at Colt State Park in Bristol RI. So beautiful! There is something indescribable about spending a bit of time where the land meets the sea. It is balancing and calming, energizing and thrilling all at once. And pure magic for children. We need more detours. A step off the main trail and a moment to pause and simply be. While our family seems to be on a different sort of detour right now…one of kleenex, vicks, cough drops, and a hefty dose of antibiotics for some, we long to return to detours such as the coast. Soon…! Where do you detour?