Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adventuring at Mt Monadnock

This weekend we drove up into beautiful New Hampshire to Monadnock State Park for some hiking.  Twenty (!!!) years ago I hiked this mountain with my family and it was odd, and wonderful to be back with my own little ones.  The whole circle of life thing you know…!  Mt Monadnock has a reputation as a great hike for families and we were really excited to see how the little legs in our own family would do!  We chose a trail based on this site that we thought would suit us best, packed our bags, and set out.  It was an amazing day and a great hiking trail.  Spencer (2) and Rebecca (5) both made it all the way up, and all the way down the mountain without being carried.  They were amazing.  Just amazing!  They had such a great time, and just kept going and going and going pointing out every single trail marker along the way!  The trail markers were very important to them and they had a lot of fun building a cairn when we were nearing the summit. 

The reputation of this mountain holds true.  It is a great hike for families, and obviously a popular hike for all ages as people could be seen  from the summit making their way along many different trails up the mountain. 

There is not much that can top a day spent in the beautiful outdoors adventuring with those you love most.  With nothing to distract from each other and the pure and very real beauty around us, the day is filled with two of the things that truly matters…each other, and the goodness of the earth.  Ah yes, summer days filled with adventures of this sort are just the sort of days we love.  Where have your summer adventures taken you and yours?


If you look close you can see Spencer and Matt making their way across some of the final rocky climbs to the summit.  Quite a view though, huh!


Believe it or not there were tadpoles in that “pond”!


You never know what will happen when you hand your camera over to someone else!!!  I am thrilled that we got one of all of Rebecca’s face(!!!), though neither she or Spencer were too thrilled with the wind that threatened to blow us right off into the clouds.   Whatever the quality…this is a very special picture to me…five Robinsons on top of Mt. Monadnock, each getting their on their own two feet (well…not the littlest Robinson…but we’ll let him or her slide!) …monumental!