Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tigers…Andrew Zuckerman style

Last week, when the sun was still shining here in Eastern Massachusetts we dove into a second, and equally stunning Andrew Zuckerman book.  This time Creature (yup…it’s at the sidebar!) …which, as it’s title suggests is packed with creatures of all kinds beautifully captured against a white background.  After looking through it for the 115th time and remarking on the different amazing and intricate details of each animal captured in it’s pages she chose one to focus on…a tiger cub.  At her sundrenched work table she drew a tiger, with as much detail and accuracy a five year old can possibly manage!  On the back,in one column, we listed all the things that we know about tigers, and in a second column all the things we would like to know.   From there we have been exploring some of our own wildlife books and scouring the library for everything we can find on our stripy friends.  We have been swept away in the magic and wonder of these endangered creatures, and loving them close up…from the safety of our own cozy home!