Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Right Now


Right now we are:

::back home after a weekend with family and beloved cousins

::relishing in the nooks and crannies and favorite quiet spots in our home and yard

::attacking the house and all those bags with a vengeance in an effort to attain order as quickly as possible so we can spend every possible moment outside

::feeling the urge to purge…big time…I see a big donation to the local thrift store coming very soon!

::finding it very difficult to stick to the inside chores when the garden is calling my name so sweetly

::anxious to return to our normal diet and 7:30 bedtimes after a long weekend where those were both thrown wildly out the window! 

::contemplating which beach to go to on Thursday and which hike to do this weekend with the family….don’t you just love summer recreation

::happy and content in our little yellow house on the hill. 

::hoping the start of this shortened week is bright and happy!!