Monday, April 11, 2011

Tea Parties…not the political kind…!

“We” experienced our first real tea party this weekend!  I say “we” because we all lived and breathed and listened to all things tea party for several days prior and, oh-my, it all started with new intensity bright and early Saturday morning.  In the end the boys escaped the tea party fervor on the trampoline leaving me some sweet alone time with my girl primping for the big event!  She chose to wear a mama-made dress with mama-made hair bows. 

The dress was made from this pattern.  It worked up so quickly and easily, I’m excited to make more of the same style with different styling.  The fabric is a lightweight corduroy perfect for the barely spring weather that has just recently arrived!  And oh the party shoes!!  These sweet “perfect-for-a-tea-party” shoes were a recent find on a thrifting treasure hunt!  Primped and perfectly springy from head to toe, with a favorite doll in hand we were off!  But not before a few sentimental shots by mama, with Papa and the little man safe within the trampoline net.  The doll by the way was brought back to her by her grandparents from Germany several years ago and has been named Victoria, after the queen of England…of course!!! 

And can I just say, we seem to have awoken one morning to a great big grown up girl.  I’m not sure what has happened to my little one.  Yikes!