Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Days…New Games…!

March!  Oh we are so happy to see you!  Welcome dear friend with all your promises of spring.  And may we say that we are so thrilled to see the robins that have returned to our neighborhood to welcome the spring you will bring.  Oh sweet March…we are so glad to see you!


Though March is here, and the promise of spring is on the calendar (finally!)…it is not in the air…or on the ground.  As a matter of fact, in these parts, there is plenty of ice and snow and biting winds to scare spring away for a many more weeks.  New games and puzzles are making their way into our daily lives as an attempt to keep the stir crazies at bay for a little while longer.  While treasure hunting with my sister at the local thrift shops in her area I happened upon this little gem.  I wasn’t sure exactly what it was when I picked it up and took it home with me…but something inside told me this was going to be awesome.  IMG_8368Oh boy is it awesome!  The pieces are sturdy, colorful, and varied. They are easy to manipulate and create with…and the possibilities are simply endless!  We all have been  having such fun with them.  Toys such as these play a huge part in our play, our school, and our lives.  Open-ended, limitless opportunities for imagination, creativity building, sturdy and well-built…they shape, and stretch, and bring out all the beauties and potential of a young mind.  All that is needed to be creative, innovative, and forward thinking is there within young minds.  It just needs to be brought out and cultivated.  Games such as these (and oh-so-many others) do just that.  Playing games together as a family, or as special one-on-one time, or really as any combination of littles, middles, and bigs, is such a wonderful way to strengthen relationships and learn together.  Here’s to simple thrift store finds that provide endless hours of quality entertainment and educational value!  


Try as I might (and I really really really tried!) I cannot find a source for this game.  Here’s what I k now in case you want to try and have more luck than I. 

Pablo: 3-Dimensional Design Art

Creative Contemporary Constructions

Made in Germany

c. Fox Spielverlag

distributed exclusively by

Davis-Grabowski, Inc. 

6350 ne 4th Ave  Miami FL