Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little Bits

A few years ago I discovered Oliver & S and their delicious patterns. Liesl’s designs are simple and classic, timeless looks that are just beautiful today and will still be beautiful decades later. The patterns are high quality and excellently written…or so I’ve heard. I’ve never actually been able to bring myself to spring for the ~$15 cost plus shipping. There are a lot of hobbies and interests in our home that our budget needs to indulge. Not to mention all the yummy food we like to eat, the places we like to visit etc. Living simply allows us to live more. Which sometimes means saying no to something wonderful (like said patterns!) and settling for vintage finds and Joanns 99cent pattern sales. I’m not complaining at all…I’m thrilled with the sewing that happens around here….but oh how I drool over those Oliver & S designs. IMG_8555

Now I can keep my drool off the computer because Oliver & S now has a book! A book!!! (Check it out in the sidebar!!) 20 patterns of wonderfully delicious things to sew. A book I can do. To be honest from the second I saw it I knew I had to have it. After much too long of a wait (okay okay…it was more like a few days…but I’m more of an instant gratification girl!!) we finally have it in all its glossy-paged-goodness in our hands. I say “our” because I have yet to sit down with it on my own and give it a proper look over. And can I tell you…from what I’ve seen so far this books deserves a very proper look over. Multiple orders have been placed for the beautiful projects by my little ones. If given their way I think they would like one of everything.

At the top of our sewing list is the Little Red Riding Hood cloak, a whole bunch of the bucket hats, some explorer vests, bias trim aprons, a messenger bag (for me!), a tutu or two…yup we really like this book!

There are few things better than thick glossy pages filled with good design, beautiful projects, and excellent instructions. Poor Matt, I think he has lost me to the sewing room and that book for a few evenings!