Saturday, March 5, 2011


There are many many different types of snow. Perhaps for those who work outside or make their living from the land these different types of snow are easily recognized, counted on, and closely watched. Well…we are greatly tied to the outdoors, though we don’t make our living from it, but we do closely watch the types of snow that fall and fall and fall around us. This winter the sheer amount of snow that fell and blew and drifted all over our slopey yard made playing in the snow a bit of a challenge for little legs. In fact it was a challenge for big legs as well. There is just something a bit depressing about having to put on a full snowsuit to go empty the compost, only to come back sweating and out of breath from tromping through thigh deep snow.

But oh my friends, our most favorite kind of snow arrived in our neighborhood recently. The crusties! When all that deep deep snow crusts over and you can romp around on top of it all getting a whole new perspective on the yard. Now, to get this type of snow two things have to happen. Warm and wet followed by biting cold. The wet came to us in the form of heavy rains leaving a ton of slushy snow to get off the driveway, (My poor poor shoulders!) followed by oh so much coldness! But what magnificent results!!! It is odd, and quite comical to walk about on top of several feet of snow. Everything in the yard is new and different when walking on the rolly polly white terrain. The littles romped and played and “rediscovered” their beloved backyard on a whole new level (literally!).

Now I wasn’t quite as lucky as my little snow angels and would occasionally sink down through the snow, leaving my boots full of icy snow. My littles saw this as both funny and a bit sad. With her signature logic and frankness Becca said to me “Mom, if you weren’t so big and heavy than you wouldn’t sink through the snow so much.” …Ah, sweet girl of mine.