Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Make Fleece Crib Sheets

There are ten little toes that have been waiting for fleece sheets to cozy up in at night.  Fleece crib sheets, it turns out, are much more difficult to come by…but oh-so-easy to make.  With a couple yards of fleece carefully chosen by the handsome owner of those ten little toes (!) a bit of elastic and literally less than half an hour we had fleece sheets on the bed!  Truly! 

Now,  it is entirely likely that there is a better way to make a fitted crib sheet, but this works!


I laid the two yards of fleece out on the floor and placed the mattress on top of it leaving ~12” of fleece border on each side.


Fold the fleece at one corner holding it out from the mattress making a 45 degree angle from the corner edge of the mattress.  Pin the fleece close to the mattress along the corner all the way up to the edge of the fleece.  (I’m finding this rather tricky to explain…just imagine you’re wrapping a present…sort of!!) Repeat this for each of the corners.



Stitch the fleece along your pin line and trim the fleece to a 1/2” seam allowance.  Fold over the raw edge of the fleece about 1 1/2” and stitch to form a casing for the elastic leaving a small opening to thread the elastic through. 


Measure the circumference of the mattress and divide it in half…and that’s how much elastic you’ll need.  Thread it through you casing and sew the two ends together. 


Stitch shut the opening left in the casing for threading the elastic…snip any threads…and you’re there!  One deliciously soft fleece crib sheet for those ten little toes you love so much.


One note…this little mancub does have a bed…but the novelty of a mattress was too much to resist and a mama request to put it on the bed for pictures was unanimously turned down! Ah well…it’s the simple joys isn’t it! 


Oh, and one more note.  The insulated curtains are working so well in the kiddo’s room.  We have all noticed a difference and are shocked by the cold air trapped between the window and the curtain.  This is one guilty mama for letting that seep into the room for so long.  This weekends project?…thermal curtains for my bedroom!!  Bring on the warmth…or at least a small bit of it!