Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Rock

So…I have to let you in on a fantastic secret. I married one of those guys. One of those guys that really “get” their wife. That looks at the crazy art in the museums with you and says “okay…so tell me about this one.” That looks at the wild mess of creating all over the house and is still excited to see what was created. Yup…he’s one of those guys.

But, my friends…let me tell you…he met his match this weekend. I needed a lot of nice river rocks for a project so picked up a few at a dollar store in the neighborhood. (Seeing as there is no river on my property, and any river nearby is completely covered with a several feet of snow.) Well boy oh boy…. the thought of buying rocks when the yard and garden are positively full of them is was positively bewildering to him. He had the funniest confused face, and must have asked a dozen times, “you’re really buying rocks?” Too funny!! It appears there is a limit after all!