Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Little Apron Love

Have you ever heard of a Yankee Swap?  It’s pretty much the same as a White Elephant Gift Exchange, but with a different name.  This is after all, New England, and it’s Yankee everything around here.  Except for baseball…oh my!!! 

While enjoying the friendly banter of a huge Yankee Swap during a holiday party this I season, I fell in love with an apron someone opened.  I could have “swapped” for it…but the poor woman had already had 5 gifts “swapped” and I just couldn’t do it!  It was a darling little apron, so simple, with a bib top, wide waist band and pleated skirt.  I would have loved it for myself, but it actually immediately came to mind for someone on my gift list.  It’s just so great when the perfect gift comes to mind! 

It was the simplest thing in the world to make.  Just a few measurements, a few drafts on paper, and we were good to go!  For the skirt I simply measured the length I wanted and cut a rectangle (accounting for a hem) the width of my fabric.  (So in my case 45”) Then I simply pleated it up until it was the width I wanted for the skirt.  The top I drew out on butcher paper first.  It’s a bib style with velcro on the tabs in the back.  You could easily do buttons, snaps, or ties also.  Once I had the shape and size I wanted I cut it out of my main fabric and a lining fabric adding a 1/2” seam allowance.  I stitched the two layers together right sides together leaving the bottom open.  I turned it right side out and attached it to the skirt with wrong sides together.  ( I top stitched this seam flat).  Covering up this seam is a nice wide tie, and a darling little flower.  Viola!  Who doesn’t love a little apron love for the holidays.IMG_7874