Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Perhaps a Bit Lost After All

Somewhere packed away in the boxes that still remain in my home is a bit of myself. Somewhere. It must be somewhere. Because in the darling nooks that are becoming ours and are bringing us such joy...I find myself a bit "off". My rhythm is a bit off, we're still a bit out of sync, and those crafty pants...my oh my...where are you?!?!

He is still him.

She is still her.

And I am very certain that I will be back to the my old self in no time. Or perhaps an improved version of the old me...wouldn't that be grand!

Moving can be a shock to the system sometimes. The very important "community" that surrounds and supports you is all of a sudden gone...and the very important and sometimes difficult work of finding and building a new community begins. This can be tricky. For me, with this move, I think I was so focused on the logistics...which are always so huge are they not!...that I neglected to wrap my head around the work that was ahead of me in terms of finding and fostering a community. Though this very important work is not achieved instantly, and lots of patient and comfort-zone break out decisions will need to be made, it can be done.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a similiar situation to my own. I am not an expert in any way...but here are a few things that have worked well for us in building communities in the past...and that we have very high hopes for in this new home as well.

*Start with the library! We are huge supporters of the library. We have made so many friends while playing and reading in the children's section, while exploring those beloved 700s, and while participating in children's story hours and special programs. Librarians truly hold a special place in my children's heart.

*We are active members of a church with a worldwide congregation. Though we live in a new area, the beliefs and teaching of the church remain the same and immersing ourselves in the local congregation here will bring us the same deep and lasting friendships that we found in past congregations. I know many of you do not share our families faith. But along the same lines...connecting with groups and individuals that share your families spiritual beliefs is a sure way to connect and build a community.

*Step outside your comfort zone and talk to the mothers you see at playgrounds, museums, and the local child-friendly places in your area. You never know where a treasured friendship will begin. Think a minute on the random way that you met your spouse. You just never know what conversation will start something truly meaningful. Not that you're looking for a spouse...just a dear friend.

*Google. Really....google is amazing and can open your eyes to things you may never find on your own. Search for playgroups, for co-ops, for homeschool support groups and co-ops, etc. If it's something that interests you and is important to your families rhythm and community than I'm sure it can be found.

The search for community is surely a critical work. More critical in fact than unpacking the lingering boxes I do believe. So in that spirit we are off to the library without a bit of guilt for the work left behind! No, I'm not lost. Just haven't found my Massachusetts self yet.

Happy community building friends!

By the way...while it is quite chilly the snow clothes are being worn simply for the novelty! They were worn for a full day (seemed like it at least!) inside and out after they were unpacked!!! Funny kidlings!

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