Thursday, October 21, 2010


With the big yellow truck arriving on Oct. 30th, and the huge list of all that has to be done beforehand I am seeing the list of halloween preparation quickly falling down down down on the priorities list. Oh don’t be too worried, we’ll have some sort of delightful spooky fun together…of some sort or another that has yet to be planned! But the costumes…oh my. Our plans to create homemade and coordinating costumes for the family have flown away without a tinge of regret. The constantly dipped into costume trunk, and the closets will provide just what we need this year. Keep it simple right!!

As for her! Her halloween has been saved by the creativity and generosity of a dear aunt. (As she immediately forgot about previous costume plans and other festivities that will happen as we make the long drive to our new home.) There is something magical about sparkly tulle that can’t be beat. Oh aren’t we grateful for Aunties with impeccable timing!!! IMG_7452Oh…and the little mancub…well as he spends most of his days in the pumpkin costume you saw yesterday I think we’ll go with that.

Halloween costumes…check!

Packing, sorting, and cleaning…not even close!!!IMG_7467IMG_7459